Chapter 1

Aspiring Rainmakers Should Own ‘Own the Zone’

~Brenda McGann, McGann Pr.

If closing is truly a fine art, then the tactics needed to cross the goal line require mastering these final, decisive steps.This book, designed as a workbook,takes the reader through a range of options to get face-to-face with your prospects, the “CLOSING ZONE.”

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to multiply the use of individual marketing tools;
  • Maximize the impact of proposals and pitches;
  • Find ways to build a long term pipeline.


“. . . marketing restructuring program of our 15,000 person company helped us generate new business and become more effective.”

~Art Darrow, Chairman and CEO (ret.), Dames and Moore, Inc.

“There’s so much useful wisdom in Allan Colman’s Own the Zone that attentive readers will be better marketers and business developers simply by following these eminently practical tips and suggestions.”

~Larry Smith, Senior Vice President, LEVICK


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